Spring Festival Corporate Sponsorships

Dear Homewood Business,

As you know, Edgewood’s annual Spring Festival is Saturday, April 28 from 3-7pm. This is our only major fundraiser, and community support is essential to its success. Last year, the Spring Festival raised $60,000 that went directly back to Edgewood’s classrooms to support our students, teachers and staff.

The list below highlights past allocations of money raised from the Spring Festival and other PTO fundraisers:

● $5,000 for Edgewood Elementary Teacher Grants

● $20,000 for new playground equipment (The students loved this!)

● $50,000 in classroom assistance for the 2017-2018 school year

● $1200 to establish and maintain the Edgewood Elementary Garden and Pond



Donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive written confirmation for your records, as well as your fun pack vouchers (to be received the week of the festival). The deadline for listing in all printed materials is March 2 nd . For inclusion in festival PowerPoint and on T-Shirt, please email your corporate logo to Kristen McGarrah and Blaire Middleton by March 2​ nd​ (if we have your logo from last year, we can re-use it).

Thank you for your generosity! Better schools mean a better Homewood for everyone!

Kristen McGarrah & Blair Middleton

Corporate Sponsor Co-Chairs

Kristen.mcgarrah@gmail.com 205-567-6817

Middleton.blaire@gmail.com 205-746-6442