2021 - 2022 Edgewood Yearbooks


It's time to order an EWD Yearbook for the School Year 2021-22!

(Deadline to Order is January 31st, 2022, no exceptions)

If you haven't yet ordered a Yearbook for your student(s), the time has come!

  • We recommend ONE PER CHILD or ONE PER FAMILY.
  • Yearbooks are distributed at the end of the year parties where they are signed by classmates.
  • ALL Yearbook orders are due Jan 31st. We aren't able to extend this deadline because of printing & shipping discrepancies. We encourage you to purchase yearbooks at this time as they CANNOT be purchased at the end of the year. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding! 
  • 5th Grade Students receive a Complimentary Yearbook, do not place an order for your 5th grader. 

If you are still having difficulty navigating or aren't sure if you did place an order, please email EdgewoodMemoryBook@gmail.com and we can check for you. Also if you have other questions or trouble placing an order, please email our team and we will be happy to assist you. 

AGAIN Remember that:

  • All 5th Grade Students receive a Complimentary Copy, do not place an order for your 5th grader.
  • If you're unsure if you've placed an order, please double check by looking at your "Previous Orders" through your account from this website. 

ALSO note: Some Yearbook orders were placed if you purchased School Supplies via the PTO Membership Toolkit (beginning in May of 2021), so please double check and make certain you aren't order a duplicate for your student(s). You can do this by checking your account "Previous Orders" through the Membership Toolkit that you are signed into currently. This order would have been placed alongside School Supplies. If you have placed an order, the option to order will likely say "Sold Out" for the student you ordered for.