Edgewood Elementary School

PTO Communications Guidelines



The Edgewood Elementary School (EES) PTO supports the staff, faculty, and students of Edgewood Elementary School. We also support the mission of our PTO, the PTOs of fellow Homewood Schools, Homewood City Schools (HCS), and the Homewood City Schools Foundation (HCSF).


The PTO President, Communications Chair, EES principal, and EES assistant principal have final say on all requests. The EES PTO should only provide pertinent, timely, and only Homewood City Schools-related information to the families, faculty, and staff of EES. We are not a mainstream news outlet, nor do we discuss controversial events that are anecdotal or hearsay.


Our communications outlets currently include:




We support requests for:

  • EES PTO fundraising
  • EES PTO-sponsored events
  • EES events and EES reminders
  • HCS and HCSF news, updates, fundraisers, events, etc.
  • EES education-specific news stories (education stories from the Homewood Star, etc.)
  • Fellow Homewood School PTO requests


Subjects we avoid:

  • Non-EES and non-HCS news, personal posts, personal events (such as garage sales, outside club gatherings, or personal non-EES events), community news, news stories that should be handled by HCS/EES, gossip, hearsay, inflammatory discussions, opinions, politics, personal commentary, speculation, etc.  Our outlets will be informational, unbiased, and solely for EES families to receive information about the EES PTO, EES, and Homewood City Schools. EES PTO does not shape policy and will not comment on non-EES/non-EES PTO activities. All requests for comment should go back to the EES principal or assistant principal.


Posting Pictures:

  • We will be aware and sensitive to the fact that not all parents are comfortable with their children being posted on social media. In some cases, posting a student’s picture could create a safety issue for that child; therefore, before posting pictures of EES students that were not sent to us by their guardians with the intention to share/post, the communications chair and/or the social media chair will seek the approval of the principal or assistant principal.


We reserve the right to:

  • Hide or block controversial or inappropriate comments or accounts.
  • Report abuse


Administration of Social Media Accounts:

  • Every year there will be three PTO members as administrators on each social media account for security and continuity. Those three members will include the president, the communications director and the social media chair. If there is no social media chair, then the president elect will be the third person.